Great coffee, no rush

Ceramic coffee brewing set

Brand new idea, strong and tasty coffee

I want Slowpresso

Change your coffee life ?

Enjoy tasty, strong coffee 

Coffee made in Slowpresso is thick and dense.

You can drink it as a single shot, or use it as a base for any type of coffee, be it milk coffee, or black.

Brew coffee in a simple way

All you need is hot water and ground coffee.

No need for kitchen oven, zero waste from used capsules, and no coffee grounds left in a cup.

Gain more time for yourself

Slow in Slowpresso serves as a reminder to stop and slow down.

Coffee brewing will become your favourite ritual. One that we can share with our loved ones.

Don’t invest in expensive machines

Brew consistency from Slowpresso is similar to the one made in pressure coffee machine.

What is different? Price, convenience and size. Slowpresso takes up no more space than an ordinary mug.

Support local project

Slowpresso is a joint effort of Stefan and Justyna Karamuz, a father and a daughter who came up with the idea and prepared this project.

It is produced entirely in Poland, hand made in local manufacture.


A perfect gift for your loved ones

Slowpresso was a „life changing gift for my friend/husband/wife” – our clients write it surprisingly often.

Christmas, birthday, anniversary or no occasion – your choice.

How does it work?

„I couldn’t believe brewing in Slowpresso is that easy”

Slowpresso is a brand new idea. Invented by a father, designed by a daughter, produced entirely in Poland.

Justyna Karamuz

Designer & potter

UX designer, specialising in new technologies and ceramics. Having worked in IT for many years, Justyna has decided that designing ceramic objects is her way of living. She loves great coffee and tea. Functionality and usefulness of the product are as important to her as its aesthetics and quality of workmanship involved.

Stefan Karamuz

Coffee lover & physicist

A scientific mind who enjoys his cup of coffee. A qualified physicist who has been working in the IT sector for many years. Stefan looks for simple, good solutions in any area he might be active in. He enjoys his proper, strong coffee, and for many years he has been searching for his own way of brewing coffee, which is how Slowpresso came about.

What’s in the box

1. Ceramic dripper, server and lid

Dimensions: 12 x 15 cm

2. Paper filters

200 pieces,  5 cm diameter

3. Instruction manual

Illustrated description

4. Hand written greetings

Have a good day!

Thick, aromatic coffee

Light, velvety flavour

An ideal basis for milk coffee

Ceramic coffee brewing set


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